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Are you looking for a high-tech invention but exactly a usual laptop? Well, HP Chromebook is just the right fit. HP Chromebook is not the same thing as the budget laptop is. HP Chromebook may look like other laptops but there’s a huge difference between a laptop and HP Chromebook. You will find enormous features of the HP Chromebook. The best thing about this laptop is, it provides a fluent process of performance. 

If you have so much work to do and your work depends on the performance level of laptops then the HP Chromebook laptop is definitely for you. This laptop is widely known for its unique and smooth performance and you can prefer to purchase this laptop if you want to work high high-quality laptop performance. Mainly, people have to do their work through laptops and sometimes people face trouble while working on a normal or budget laptop as they don’t give a fluent and satisfactory performance to the customers. Now, HP Chromebook has come in the options which you can prefer to get one of the best laptops for your daily work by spending a little more.

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Features of HP Chromebook:

Every laptop has its strengths and weakness but that is not the case with the HP Chromebook laptops. This laptop mainly provides strengths to the users and hardly contains any weakness when it is worn out. You can find the Chromebook to be very powerful and its working speed or behavior is outstanding. One can easily fall for the way it used to perform. This laptop will last for longer than expected. According to many people, it is said that Chromebooks naturally fitted them. Many people like this laptop as it’s smooth to use and they can work properly unlike another budget laptop. 

According to people who have already purchased this laptop are quite satisfied with the laptop and its price as well. According to them, this laptop works perfectly fine and exceeds their expectations. People can work and operate this laptop like a pro as it works like a pro without any trouble or obstacles. HP Chromebook does not stick in between so it is mainly preferred by the working people. Majorly,  people with high work pressure prefer this laptop. This laptop is recommended by many people as they have got the better experience while using this laptop. 

Here are the crucial features mentioned which allow the users to avail every feature of the HP Chromebook laptop.

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The operating system

The best feature of the HP Chromebook is its operating system. A Chromebook runs Google’s Chrome OS, which is mainly its chrome version browser which is dressed up a bit to resemble the Windows desktop. The search button is very similar to the Windows start button which sits in the taskbar. The taskbar is available in the lower-left corner with the shortcuts of Gmail, Google docs,  

The status bar is available in the lower right corner and offers access to the WiFi and Bluetooth. There are settings to adjust the volume. You can also avail yourself of the opportunity of selecting wallpapers according to your choice to apply on the desktop of your laptop with impressive themes. You can also tweak the settings for the touchpad, display, and keyboard. 

Chrome OS is more than chrome browser and it is incredibly light in weight compared to Windows or macOS. One of the main features of Chromebook is that it updates itself automatically and you don’t have to spend your precious time updating it manually. Sometimes the update takes a fraction of the time of your Windows and Mac updates to get installed. 

Easy maintenance

One of the best things about the Chromebook is that it is easy to maintain and operate as well. HP Chromebook works without facing any obstacles in between and it springs to life quickly and never makes users sit through a frustrating long update. Users don’t have to face any restart routine or any other barrier.

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Apps run fluently

Everyone wants to operate a laptop smoothly. It becomes quite frustrating when any application gets stuck in between. Google provides a similar touch so that Windows can convert the feel and make it more comfortable with the operating system. But this is not the exact case when you open the application. Chrome OS uses only web applications and so it does not let you download any application. You have to use the web application but you can find alternatives in the Chrome web store. You can find several applications including online versions from Microsoft itself. You can avail yourself the use of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and many others as well. 

Users don’t have to rely on web applications directly as there are choices too. You don’t have to use your internet access to run a Chromebook. 


 Ow, you don’t have to pay hard cash to purchase this incredible laptop because it is very affordable. Chromebook is cheaper than other logo’s laptops and it is cheaper than any MacBook and many Windows laptops. Mainly HP Chromebook starts at Rs. 66,000.. You will be given a wide option to choose in between and you can choose Chromebook as per your price range. Besides, Photoshop can be done better with a Chromebook.

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Build quality and display

HP Chromebook and other Windows laptops are very different. one another from the outside appearance. Mainly normal laptops provide plastic enclosures with a low rate resolution of the display. But HP Chromebook offers high quality with a high-resolution display and provides a stunning look. The build quality is of the next level and allows an amazing HD display. Most of the Chromebooks are available with a 1,366×768 resolution. The plastic chassis is not like other Windows laptops and the keyboard is perfect and not mushy. 


HP Chromebook embraces the web and its storage. The model of the Chromebook offers  64 GB SSDs but most of the HP Chromebook also comes with 16GB or 32GB. To offer help offset the lack of local storage, Google provides almost 200 GB of free drive space which you use for two years with any Chromebook purchase. 

Handles your printer

HP Chromebook also handles the printer but you can’t get direct access to connect your Chromebook to any USB printer. For that, you will have to route your print jobs over the use of web Google Cloud Print. To connect your printer to print anything, users will have to connect to the web directly and then proceed with the process of printing.

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Things you can do with your Chromebook:

There are several other crucial features that you can avail yourself of using a Hp Chromebook laptop. Chromebooks will not ding your credit card like many other laptops because they don’t allow you to spend your money on the expenses of MS Windows and to run on the Google Chrome OS. Chromebook goes light on hard drive size and can store most of your essential data in the cloud. 

Keep working all-day with the new and legendary battery life as they have thirty boosts up speeds faster than any other laptop for about 8 seconds. 

Use Microsoft office on an HP Chromebook and can make, view, or edit office documents right in the main browser. 

Users can also use OneNote to maximize teamwork skills and allow you to create a quick and attractive presentation. 

Chromebooks also allow playing several games. Users can download games from web stores and can also avail the system of playing any android games which you want to play.


If your MacBook or Windows laptop is in its last stage of survival and you are wondering which laptop you should buy next then here the best option for you. HP Chromebook is the right choice for you to prefer to buy if you want to purchase one of the most effective laptops to work and operate properly. You will find yourself tempted to replace your old laptop with an HP Chromebook.

If you are attracted to the lower price or you are worried about your budget then also the HP Chromebook laptop is the best option for you. If you prefer simplicity then the HP Chromebook laptop is worth the money and will assure to meet all your requirements before having your cash to purchase that laptop. You will get a 100 percent satisfaction level with one of the most effective and attractive performances. You can easily operate and work on that laptop most conveniently.

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