10 Best Earphones With Mic Under Rs. 1000 (2020)

What is the first thought that passes by your mind when you think of selecting just the right headphones? Optimization – this word alone describes the user’s mind set.

After all who wouldn’t like a product that is pocket friendly as well as brimming with a rich audio experience!

And that’s exactly why, considering the two prime utility needs in mind viz.

In-ear-headphones plus microphone. Check the best ones out below:

Top 10 Best IEMs with mic that you could buy under INR 1000

 1. JBL C100SI


Strongly recommended; best one in the whole series.

1) Okay so if there were to be a metaphorical analogy between CX180 and the JBL C100SI it would be like a cheese burst and a fresh pan pizza.

2) There is absolutely nothing that is left out in making these IEMs near to being perfect at the given price range.

Best Earphones Under Rs. 5,000 in India

3) Add the awesomeness of the CX180 plus an inline mic.

4) With an awesome frequency response and clear cut audio quality.

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 2. Sony MDR-EX150AP 


1) MDR EX- and MDR-XB ; almost all of you readers would be familiar with these prefixes.

2) And why not? Time and again Sony has proved their ingenuity in crafting beautiful headphones.

10 Best Earphones Under Rs. 1000

3) The EX150ap is no different in that matter. With an amazing frequency response from 5Hz to 25kHz and an inline mic with a controller.

4) Being a Sony fan myself since quite some time, I will definitely recommend this one for those who can’t spend a day without music.

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 3.  Mi Capsule 


1) With the Xiaomi brand getting a bigger and bigger target market throughout India, the accessories have also a major contribution to that.

2) The Capsule or the Mi Piston headphones catch an eye right from the unique 45° curved design earbuds so that the headphones could fit in easily and also are prevented from falling out.

3) As described by the company the spiral damping system facilitates the sound to transmit to the front chamber directly and then it flows out through the rear.

Best Wireless Earphones Under Rs. 1000

4) In a nutshell it enhances the clarity for every frequency. Also there are volume buttons in there along with the call answer/end button.

5) All in all this is an excellent piece of design from Mi which is worth the price tag as well.

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 4.  JBL T-100A 


1) The entry level headphone in the T-X series is the T100A IEM. Backed by a powerful driver and comfy ear buds.

2) This is the right piece of audio equipment if you’re willing to take your listening experience to a next level.

3) Although the bass level is not as powerful as that of the T150a model, the vocals and treble sound are quite crisp and clear comparatively.

4) There is an inline microphone too that comes in handy for answering calls as well as managing your music on the go.

5) All in all, a value pick at the given price range, this model is definitely a go for those of you who are willing to go for a pocket friendly headphones in the given series.

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 5.  boAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition 


1) This brand Boat has been skyrocketing in its sales especially for their Bluetooth headphones; no less for the wired headphones as well.

2) A tangle free flat cord along with the innovative housing design with the textured back on the driver unit feels fresh.

3) The 10mm driver unit pours out enough bass to keep you stuck with the music that you are listening to.

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4) The passive noise cancellation feature enables the listeners to enjoy the dedicated listening time in a chaotic ambiance as well.

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 6.  House of Marley Smile Jamaica


1) Yet another emerging or maybe one of the ‘less-heard- weird-ish’ sounding brand that has managed to stand out among the top players in the headphone market.

2) It has got an 8mm moving coil drivers with a hefty impedance of 16Ohms that provide clean, crisp and a powerful sound and the bass, of course.

Best Earphones Under Rs. 2000 in India 

3) Although the cord here is conventional one made out of fabric unlike the flat cords, the wood housing design produces a rich sound and a black background gives an impressive look to these headphones.

4) This product is definitely worth a try given the price range, for those of you who are willing to switch from the major brands – for a change of course! And thou shall not regret it.

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 7.  Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel


1) Surprised seeing an Audio Technica product in this list? So are we! The ATH-CLR100iS SonicFuel in-ear headphones give you great sounding audio with a travel-friendly design that includes an in-line mic and control button.

Best Earphones Under Rs. 2000 in India 

2) The 8.5mm drivers aren’t upto the mark as the other AT headphones with larger drivers but still they provide crystal clear sound reproduction with marvellous depth and detail.

3) Included in the box are three different sizes of earbuds (S/M/L) for a perfect fir to your ears as well as to enable a stress free listening.

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 8.  Philips SHE5305WT/00 


1) If only looks could kill…we hardly see any form of experimental design in a budget range of headphones but Philips begs to differ in this case.

2) The housing almost looks like a well-designed helical gear with the L and R embossed at the back of each unit.

3) Also there is an unusual spring steel cable relief that provides an extra protection to withstand the toughest usage.

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4) To some all these may seem a little less useful, but that’s how you look at it from a designer’s perspective.

5) Along with that we have an 8.6mm driver unit reinforced by a durable and powerful magnet, not to forget the three extra pair of resizable earbuds.

A good product for a good price – go for it.

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 9.  Skullcandy S2RFDA-003 Riff 


1) Skullcandy has got its own reputation for designing funky looking products also capable of delivering powerful sound.

2) This model is probably the simplest looking ones when placed in line with the other ones (the skull logo looks weird though!).

Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs. 1000 

3) Okay coming to the technicalities, we would say that it isn’t that great in delivering the sounds of all three frequencies simultaneously. The ‘balanced diet’ thing is missing in this product.

4) Although that doesn’t mean the sound is bad.

5) The bass and the highs are perfect enough to make you grooving, you just need to tweak your source’s EQ settings for the perfect user experience.

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 10.  Soundmagic ES18S 


1) Last but always not the least, the Soundmagic ES18S with its powerful 10 mm neodymium driver speakers delivers high-grade acoustics with crisp clarity and enthralling audio output for all genres of music.

2) The optimal 15 Hz-22 KHz frequency response range of these Headphones allows you to listen all kinds of sound elements from low soft frequencies to rocking high ones so that entertainment from your various preferred tracks goes nonstop.

​​​​​In Ear (IEM) Headphones Under Rs.1500

3) The design overall intends to embrace minimalism, which is not bad actually.

4) As far as any product excels in providing the exact functions for what it is basically intended to it’s still a win situation.

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