Zebronics Max Pro Keyboard Review

Last updated on July 15th, 2023 at 05:13 pm

For Those Who Love The Feels !

Zebronics sent me Max Pro about a week ago and since then I have been using it non stop. Gaming keyboard is all about the feels you get while pressing the keys and this keyboard has really outdone it.

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Unboxing Zebronics Max Pro

Zebronics Max Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Built Quality

Starting with the built quality , the base is metal which makes it a heavy (1.3kg). This keyboard is built to last long. No matter how hard you are banging , it won’t move at all.


Blue switches ( But from different brand ) are well known in gaming world and people love them for their tactile bump and audible click.

Max pro keyboard keys are double injected ,meaning that two layers of plastic were molded into each other resulting in a God Tier key which will never fade or chip off.

RGB Backlights

There are 18 LED light modes available which include wave , snake , game , multi-color , single color and many more.

You can also adjust the brightness of LED lights in 6 levels and there are 5 LED speed modes.

Max Pro Gaming Keyboard

Braided USB Cable

The USB cable is crucial part for any gaming keyboard and most the brands ignore this component. Zebronics has taken extra care and made this cable of highest quality which is 1.8 m long.

Max Pro

Final Word

Gaming keyboards are expensive , with all the premium features like blue switches , RGB lights and metal built. It is hard to find a decent gaming keyboard under 5k range.

Zebronics has priced this keyboard at Rs. 3,999. Get it while the stock lasts.

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