5 Best Laser Distance Meter Range Finder in India 2024

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Are you trying to discover the best Laser Distance Measurer in India? Need a buying guide? Keep reading.

A laser distance measurer is a significant tool for individuals in both real estate and construction industry to make the task of measurement faster and easier. I know you’re looking for the best Laser Distance Measurer in India.

Due to their convenience, both professionals and amateur can easily use them.

The difficulty comes in while you need to pick the top laser measurer to purchase from many out there on the marketplace today.

An LDM (laser distance measurer) is the advanced option to the traditional tape measure. The LDMs even can be run by just one person over many distances, therefore, you will not need to depend on someone else with a stable hand for making precise measurements.Keep reading to find the best one.

Best Laser Distance Measurer Buying Guide For Indians!

Before you click on the Confirm Order button, it may be helpful to think about what features you are going to get in the best outdoor laser measure for you.

Based on exactly what you should use this for, it can mean the key difference between discovering an alright device and finding a superb one.

  • Accuracy:

Needless to say, accuracy in the measurements is certainly the most important thing. The laser measuring devices are extremely accurate. Perhaps more precise than you might ever desire being.

To make sure that you don’t face disasters following the reports and readings, all these products have accuracy in between 1/8″ as well as 1/16″.

  • Range:

Range of laser will figure out how far it can read easily. With the commercial lasers, it can be up to 200 ft, and it will let you measure the ranges of everything between top range and you.

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  • Visibility And Display:

Having a reader-friendly display is quite valuable to save your time and prevent frustration. Discovering a measuring device with backlight makes this simple to read quickly and also will make the working during the night or even in dark places much simpler.

  • Performance:

Laser measuring devices include many different functions such as volume and area calculations, distance readings, and much more. If you get more functions, then you can enjoy the best performance ever. However, these are typically more appropriate for people who will make use of it regularly.

  • Battery Life:

In comparison to your tablet and Smartphone, the battery packs in the laser measures are not quite close to 21st Century’s standards and will require charging or even changed every 3 to 4 hrs.

Top 5 Laser Distance Measurer Reviews!

1) Bosch GLM 150m 150C Laser Distance Measurer – Most Robust!

Bosch GLM 150C Laser Distance Meter 150 m Range with inbuilt Camera

Over the long distances or in vivid environments, it is difficult to determine the “laser-spot” of a measurer accurately. It is where this unique Bosch GLM 150m 150C Laser Distance Measurer comes in. This is the 1st Bosch laser measurer with an integrated camera and the best laser distance measurer by bosch out there.

Due to Bluetooth interface, its measured values directly can be transmitted to Measuring Master Application for more processing. For instance, you can easily share data of the measurement with co-workers, make material measurements or customize or create floor plans.

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This Bosch GLM 150m 150C Laser Distance Measurer relies on effortless procedure with a “selection-wheel” such as GLM 50C. The selectable features include, for instance, staking feature, with which it is easy to measure as well as mark the similar distances quickly. It is the ideal laser measuring tool for you.

Users can view and check out the last 4 measurements and current measurement outcome during measurement on 2.8″ color display. The LCD module has been connected firmly to the surface of glass, so that light can’t get in gap and also won’t be reflected.


  • Has an integrated camera for your outdoor use
  • Includes Bluetooth connectivity with Bosch Master app
  • It can measure volume, area, double indirect, indirect, timer, trapezium,
  • inclination and digital bubble


  • To say the truth, I didn’t find any con

2) Bosch GLM 40 135 Feet Laser Measurer – Budget Pick!

Bosch GLM 40 Plastic Professional Digital Laser Measure

High laser concept presents this Bosch GLM 40 135 Feet Laser Measurer intended for handy measurement.

If you’re looking forth for getting the accurate measurements swiftly, then the Bosch GLM 40-135 Feet Laser Measurer must be your trustworthy choice. This device is built particularly for both craftsmen and professionals.

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It comes conveniently with a number of features which set it aside from a number of other top laser distance measurers. In this package, you’ll get a Li-Ion Battery, Charger and Belt Pouch.

This unique Bosch GLM 40 135 Feet Laser Measurer is primarily highlighted by its ease-of-use when utilizing but with extremely precise and accurate measurements.

This comes with a number of several measurement modes and features which make it compact and user-friendly.

With this laser measurer from Bosch, tradesmen, and builders like electricians, contractors, painters and masons will find this easy while calculating areas, volume, angles, and distance with accuracy.

Its ergonomic style and design characterize 4 flat surfaces that make sure that the unit fits comfortably in your pockets or work-belts.

This Bosch GLM 40 135 Feet Laser Measurer includes an ergonomic and robust design. At the same time, its housing is built with safety again splash and dust. Needless to say, it is the best Laser Distance Measurer in India.


  • It’s a pocket-sized device
  • Includes backlight for greater visibility
  • It can easily store as much as 10 measurements
  • Several measurement capabilities such as volume, length, distance, and area


  • English measurement units are inches and feet only
  • Many customers encountered little usability issues such as being troublesome to use

3) Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Measurer – Bluetooth Enabled

Bosch GLM 50C GLM 50C

If you are trying to find a laser measurer with all basic and many advanced features, the Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Measurer – Bluetooth Enabled can be the best option.

Its user-friendly interface with enhanced backlit color screen makes it simpler to use. The Bosch GLM 50C offers all the standard functions of a real- length, length, volume, area, as well as indirect measurements. This lets measuring from rear, front and center.

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On the flip side, the integrated inclinometer, as well as Bluetooth functionality, tends to makes the device stay ahead of other laser distance measurers of Bosch.

Bosch is a pretty known brand in terms of delivering the top laser measure devices. This unique Bluetooth laser measurer does not let down at all in the case of taking measurements.

Not to mention, the precision of 1/16″ is at the fair limits of the most individuals who would desire to make use of this unit. The automatic backlit display provides better watching of measured distances anytime using this product.


  • Quite accurate
  • Specialized quality
  • Lightweight and small
  • Convenient and compact
  • Easy and bright to read the display


  • Somewhat challenging to measure accurate corner

4) Leica DISTO New 330ft D2 Laser Distance Measurer with 4.0 Bluetooth – The Best Budget Pick!

Leica Disto D2 Laser Distance Meter 100m

For the ideal laser measurer, it must be practical, accurate and simple to use. You’ll have all that as well as a number of other features while you purchase this product.

This Leica DISTO New 330ft D2 Laser Distance Measurer with 4.0 Bluetooth is a small measuring device so that you’ll not feel heavy while moving with this around throughout the day getting measurements.

Along with its revolutionary technologies, you must be capable of taking more measurements without difficulty. With the capacity to handle volumes and areas, now it can translate the distances into significant numbers right away. It is the best laser measuring tool for appraisers too.

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The procedure of this particular Leica laser measurer is quite uncomplicated, particularly when you use touchpad as well as clear labeled keys. You will find extra shortcut keys on controls for effortless manipulation of this device.

Alternatively, the range will be quite generous as well for your budget you invest. It delivers around an amazing 200 feet. This should be sufficient to handle many different applications.


  • Lightweight and fabulous
  • Work faster and very accurate
  • Great built quality and well-designed
  • Reliable and intuitive Bluetooth pairing


  • Fairly costly

5) Bosch GLL 3-Line 3-15x Professional Laser – Best For Your Money!

Bosch GLL 3-15X Professional 3-Line Laser

This Bosch GLL 3-Line 3-15x Professional Laser is lightweight and effortless to carry. Because of the highly advanced Bosch PPS (Pendulum-Precision-System) which further boosting maximum tool safety and leveling precision.

Integrated with Bosch ICM (Intelligent-Current-Management) provides the maximum laser line overall performance and prolonged operating lifetime. This amazing device has functional applications for various marking, leveling and alignment jobs.

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It has sophisticated detachable revolving platform for simple carrying and accurate control of the laser lines. It includes separate selection keys for horizontal and vertical lines.

This laser distance measurer offers top-class engineering as well as quality assurance. The accuracy pendulum system includes high-precision, solidified shaped components and even optics with the shock absorber.

The ICM helps to keep track of the “laser-diode” temperature and also to maximize the visibility of laser without overheating. The rotating small tripod makes the fine positioning much simpler.

And finally, it provides accurate alignment because of two vertical and one horizontal laser lines.


  • Less expensive
  • Has amazing features
  • Offers the best performance


  • The build quality is a little inferior compared to the higher-priced devices

FAQs About The Best Laser Distance Measurer In India!

What Is Included Under Warranty?

Most of the time, manufacturers offer 3-4 years extended warranty on the laser distance measurer. The warranties include the standard of materials used to create the device or any problems associated with the design of the device.

What are Features of Top Laser Tape Measurer?

The basic functions of a perfect tape measurer are measuring volume, area, length, multi-surface, min and max measuring, live constant measuring, stakeout, trapezoid, and angle measuring.

What to Do With Laser Tape Measurer?

The top laser tape product can assist you to take the measurements in a precise and easy manner. Additionally, you can use the unit for the measurement of long-distance as the latest technology included is incredibly precise.


It does not matter what sort of construction task you perform (if any), it is time for you to change that rusty laser tape measure with an advanced tool.

The LDM (laser distance measurer) is the sole way to precisely measure ranges of around 100 ft without requiring another pair of the device.

These compact, lightweight devices can easily measure anything. The winner of this round-up review is Bosch GLM 150m 150C Laser Distance Measurer – Bluetooth. It is the best one out there. It has the best features. Also, it offers an amazing overall performance.

However, you can make your own choice but keep the buying guide in your mind before you make a decision.

Hope you enjoyed this post on the best Laser Distance Measurer in India. If you found this post helpful then make sure to share it on social media with your friends. Also, you can leave your opinions in the comment box below. Have a great time!


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