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5 Best Cordless Drill In India

Are you looking for the best cordless drill in India? If yes, then this post will be very helpful to you. Keep reading.


A cordless drill can be an extremely useful device to have in your home. They’re used for a variety of tasks and also are perfect for the DIY projects.

Additionally, cordless drill can be an important device for experts who function in specific industries.

Whenever trying to find a superior cordless drill, then you wish to discover one which has a great battery and which will last quite some time thus, you do not have to be worried about running low on battery power during a job.

A few drills even include two batteries thus always you can get one charging.

Also, a number of cordless drills include a bag or carrying case which can easily hold the charger, drill.

Additionally, battery it is easy to take them anywhere they are needed. The below is an index of 5 top cordless drills depending on the consumer report and market research.

Best Cordless Drill In India Reviews!

1. Bosch 12V GSR120-Li Double Battery Cordless Drill

Bosch GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver

The first entry in this list of the best cordless drill in India is the Bosch 12V GSR120-Li Double Battery Cordless Drill. Cordless devices are a lot handier to make use of the similar thing holds true with Bosch GSR120Li.

This takes around 90 minutes for charging completely and features a “no-load” velocity of around 1300 RPM.

While you can easily see the “no load” speed is less than the “corded-drilling” machine because of obvious reasons.

However, coming to the performance, this Bosch GSR120Li is not intended for drilling by means of hard surfaces, still, it performs genuinely well in terms of drilling metal and wooden surfaces.

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This drilling device comes with 2 batteries. This Bosch 12V GSR120-Li Double Battery Cordless Drill is a nice-looking handy drill unit and has an incredibly lightweight and optimum grip.

It offers pretty good battery backup. Additionally, you grab a travel case with this product. This is the currently the best cordless drill in India.

The key issue with this item is its restricted power and insufficient extra accessories such as screwdriver bits, drill bits and so on.

Bosch is definitely a very popular company, and also you can rely on them.


  • Handy and lightweight
  • Cordless drilling device
  • Decent overall performance on metal and wooden surfaces


  • It can’t drill through the hard surfaces
  • Has no additional tools such as screwdriver bits, drill bits, etc

2. iBELL CD12-74 Cordless Drill 12-Volts

iBELL Cordless Driver Dril

iBELL is one more cool option for individuals who will make use of this for both building applications and easy installation.

The device is pretty less expensive than its more expensive alternatives yet holds top-class performance and sturdy build quality.

The lightweight plastic-type body and compact design offers comfort and reduce user fatigue right after extended usage.

The smooth grip handle placing prevents slipping when drilling hard or pliable surfaces. For the portability issues, this is available in a “BMC-box” with individual pockets for add-ons.

A “keyless-chuck” accepts a broad range of hex-shank/round drill bits with the screwdriver bits.

Also, in combo with all of these, it offers a variable pace controller with 2-speed setting for a variety of different drill tasks.

Double pace settings with around 350 and 450 RPM are powerful for a secure counter-sinking with no damage.

Last but not the least, the device is a comprehensive package with an ideal combination of cost, performance and build quality, can handle simple to hardest drilling duties with great performance.

Also provides six months of extended warranty on motor.


  • BMC box is easy to store
  • Battery charge signal
  • This is beautifully built and attractive as well


  • Has no guarantee on the product

3. Black & Decker 12-Volt CD121K50 Cordless Drill

Black and Decker CD121K50 12-Volt Cordless Drill

This CD121K50 is actually a Black & Decker 12V Cordless Drill coming from the leading device supplier – Stanley Black & Decker.

This Black & Decker 12-Volt CD121K50 Cordless Drill is an extremely versatile tool set which can be utilized for plenty of uses, from simple plumbing job to creating your study desk. This driver and drill kit can be very useful for plenty of uses.

If you’re a do-it-yourself fan, then the tool set is very important for you. Filled with 50 pieces of accessories, this set meets all your creative and household requirements.

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This device is available in a small carry case intended for accessories and also in the “carton-box” for drill.

The carrying case is created from high-quality plastic. This can dual up the storage unit of accessory when not being used.

Trigger switch system gives variable pace for different requirements.

The reverse/forward functionality in CD121K50 allows simple shifting between anticlockwise and clockwise directions depending on the task you’re working on.

Specifically created air vents maintain the drill very cool during extended usages. It has the snap fit- straight loading battery process for fast and simple battery change and also a safe fit.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy carrying case
  • 50 pieces of accessories


  • No cons found

4. Makita 12V DF331DWYE Cordless Drill

Makita DF331DWYE 12V Cordless Driver Drill

Here’s the Makita 12V DF331DWYE Cordless Drill which is the market leader in development cordless device technology and also this kit will tackle most drilling, driving, and fastening uses.

The “impact driver” is light in weight and weighs in at only 1.1-kg without shedding power with 18-volts LXT battery providing perfect “power to weight” ratio decreasing user fatigue that I enjoy a lot.

On the other hand, hammer drill makes use of the same kind of 18-volts LXT providing 750-lbs of the torque handling hard drilling as well as driving applications.

This device offers the best performance compared to other tools available in the marketplace. Its features are quite excellent to meet your needs.

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The impact driver and hammer “driver drill” both contain the XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) which is built to provide increased water and dust resistance in unpleasant conditions at the job sites

It is built with star safety computer controls for protecting against overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

Quick optimum charger conveys with battery through the built-in chip throughout the process of charging to boost the life of battery by controlling the current actively, temperature and voltage.

Makita technology offers category-leading “charge-time”, thus the battery tends to spend additional time working as well as less time for sitting on charger.


  • Lightweight
  • Innovative technology
  • Quick optimum charger


  • The materials are not that sturdy

5. Bosch 12V-15-Fc GSR Pro Cordless Drill

Bosch GSR 12V-15 Fc Professional Cordless Drill

This Bosch 12V-15-Fc GSR Pro Cordless Drill is extremely lightweight and compact with impressive performance! It provides excellent versatility along with the exclusive Bosch 5 in 1 FlexiClick System.

This has a built-in holder for magnetic bit and can additionally be utilized with the integrated angle adapter, drill chuck, holder for lockable bit, as well as offset “angle-adapter” for the best solution in most work situation!

However, all Bosch 12-Volt tools, chargers and batteries are best with the 10.8-Volt tools, chargers, and batteries.

The Bosch 12-Volt drill driver is bound to offer the best and overall performance. It is noted for its best features. Many users love this Bosch 12V-15-Fc GSR Pro Cordless Drill to a great extent.

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It offers powerful performance along with around 30-nm of the torque. It is extremely lightweight and compact for best handling, still in difficult to reach areas and overhead.

Offset angle and angle adapters can also be adjusted as well as locked in sixteen different postures with 360° flexibility while on drill.

It includes completely metallic gears for the best transmission of power, and less deterioration (longer lifetime).


  • Less expensive
  • Runs on 12-Volt
  • Offers excellent performance


  • I didn’t find any cons

Best Cordless Drill In India Buying Guide!

As drill is regarded as the most effective tool in collection, therefore, you can’t make a mistake with it. As well as for that, you should always take into account the provided features before buying one for your collection. Here’s a short video for you.

  • Reverse/Forward Button:

If the drill features a reverse feature which means that you can easily take out the screw.

At the same time, it arrives in convenient when it’s about having furniture pieces or cabinets to take apart or periodic missing screws.

  • Clutch:

Not to mention, this feature acts to resistance as well as will assist protect against stripping screws and driving screws very deep.

You might not discover a flexible clutch with each form of drill yet it will be superb if the drill offers this feature, particularly if you are going to make use of the device frequently.

  • Speed:

You will find some drills which come with various speed choices, where a reduced speed is utilized for higher speed and driving screws for drilling the holes.

In case you need the drill primarily for drilling holes, then a 1000 “RPM” “single-speed” drill can be the ideal choice.

  • Power:

It is your call if you need a corded drill or cordless one. Power of the “cordless-drill” is calculated in volts as well as the most robust one begins with as much as 20 volts. However do not forget, the greater the volts, the heavier the drill are going to be.


Last but not the least, the cordless drill in India today are extremely versatile, lightweight, energy-efficient and created to endure anything the construction site may dish out.

They are a necessary item in the power tool collection and that benefits whether you are a hectic contractor or even a weekend DIY.

The winner of this round-up review is Bosch 12V GSR120-Li Double Battery Cordless Drill.  It has all the best features. It offers the best overall performance. You don’t need to think anything about this device. It can be the right choice for you.

However, I always suggest making your own decision. Choose the best one which can easily serve you the best without any hassle. The buying guide above will assist you to a great extent.

I hope that you have discovered the earlier mentioned review guide helpful in assisting you achieve the best decision regarding the next best cordless drill as well as be guaranteed to check regularly for a lot more product comparisons and reviews.

If you enjoyed this post, then make sure to share it on social media with your friends. Also, leave your thoughts in the comment box below. Have a great time!

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