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How Good is Kol Kol Baby Carrier ? Review

So Kol Kol sent me their latest Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag , to check out it’s quality and whole experience. I found the baby carrier easy to put on and the fabric was made of premium cotton. The baby carrier model I got is Compact Baby Carrier , came in a cute small package.

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If the baby is sleeping inside then it feels perfectly comfortable. It’s as if the baby is in it’s own world , baby can look out when she wants and other times just sleep.

Let’s take a look at it’s features in detail.

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Built Quality

I fount out that they use 100% hand-woven cotton , pure and breathable fabrics. So that they are comfortable in all weather , especially in summers. To avoid it getting sweaty.

They are tested and comply with ASTM F2236 and CPSIA (16 CFR 1226) standard.

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Designed for efficiency and comfort in a working environment , which is great as nowadays everyone is always working either in home or office. It provides a deep and comfortable seating experience to baby , which doesn’t hamper it’s development.

With the weight of baby you will not want any extra weight to be added , so Kol Kol has tried to keep it light , it weighs only 600 grams. Which you will find less , if compared to other brands.

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How Good is Kol Kol Baby Carrier ?

Let’s talk about the features.

You get a hood which is great for privacy and Nap. A storage pocket to keep some tiny things. The shoulder straps are padded enough to give you a soft feel and comfort. Then there is supportive waistband for your back , elastic loop and safety elastic loop for added security.

Even the leg openings are padded , to give your baby’s thighs better comfort. Which shows that the product has been designed with care and great detail.

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There are a lot of baby carriers in market , but not all can trusted when it comes to one’s own baby. So if you are looking for a baby carrier , then Kol Kol Baby Carrier is definitely worth check out.

It is easy to work with & comfortable as well for both mother and baby.

Available at – Amazon

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