10 Best Bicycles in India

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Do you want to get a new bicycle in India? Then look no further, this is the post for you.

You might be looking for the best bicycles in India but to no avail. Because there is an abundance of numerous options and brands when it comes to bicycles in India. So, it is not only hard but also tiresome if you want to pick the best one out for yourself.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the best bicycles in India and we are going to review them one by one. We will try to keep our reviews to-the-point and concise, so you will not have to waste more of your time looking for the best two-wheeler.

So, let’s get started…

Things to Consider While Buying a Bicycle?

Before buying a new cycle, you should be considerate of a few factors. Here are those…

1. Types of Bikes: There are a wide variety of bicycles available in the market. And, not all of them will be suitable for you. So, get the cycle that suits you the most. If you are just starting out, you should go with a beginner-friendly cycle. Also, research whether you need a road cycle, or city cycle, or mountain cycle, etc.

2. Weight: A lightweight cycle would be a better option. So, even if the lightweight bikes are pricier, you should go with that

3. Proper Fit: Every bike comes with a range of the minimum to the maximum height of the rider.

So, you should choose one that is suitable for your height and body weight. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to ride your bike for you. Also, make sure, you have adjusted the seat height or any other things that are adjustable to your liking

4. Build Quality: Do you want a bicycle that will need to be replaced within a few months? Most cheap bicycles would come with low-quality materials and non-replaceable parts. In that case, you should go with a cycle that comes with high-quality material

5. Performance: It goes without saying that you will want the best performance from your bicycle. So, check wherever it has the features that you want or not. Will it perform up to your expectation?

6. Pricing: Last but not the least, you will also have to keep an eye on your budget. There are so many options out there that it is very easy to get confused and spend a lot more than you should have. So, make sure you are getting the bicycle at a competitive price

Safety Bike Accessories?

We all know it: Safety First! So, getting a new bicycle is not the end. For maintaining your safety, you can get a few accessories with your bicycle. Such as…

  • Bicycle helmet
  • A bell or horn
  • A light
  • Spare tube
  • Patch kit
  • Bike bag
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Pump
  • Water bottle and its cage
  • Multi-tool, and more

Best Bicycles in India

1. Hero Kyoto Mountain Bike

  • Easy To Assemble and Lightweight
  • Strong Alloy Rim
  • No Mudguard

This is a very affordable bike from Hero. It is ideal for 11+ years old individuals. This bicycle will come in an 85 percent assembled condition.

All the installation accessories will be provided from Hero. You will only need to assemble it following the instruction manual. It has V-brake on the front and rear. And, it features a rigid suspension.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 26 inches of tire
  • This bike is suitable for age above 11
  • The riders minimum height should be 5 feet 4 inches and the maximum is 5 feet 10 inch

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2. Omobikes Hybrid Cycle

  • Value For Money
  • Good looks
  • Easy to Ride

Omobikes is an Indian company. So, if you want to support your country brand, then you can check this one out. It is available with 2 colors of rims such as orange and green.

It is made with high tensile steel frames. And it comes with anti-rust double coating. It is a very lightweight bicycle with a weight of just 12.9 kg. All the necessary accessories will come with it.

Main Features:

  • The bicycle only weighs 12.9 kg
  • The rider’s height should be 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet
  • It is ideal for age 12 to 35

3. Hero Sprint Pro Big Daddy Bicycle

This is also another bicycle from Hero. But this is a bit different than the last one. You will have to spend a lot more on this bicycle compared to the last ones we have reviewed.

If the budget is not your issue, you will love this bicycle. It is suitable for users with a height of 5 feet to 6 feet. And, it comes 85 percent assembled with all the necessary installation tools.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 26 inches of wheels
  • The frame size of this bike is 19 inches
  • Made with Aluminum-alloy

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4. Hero Sprint Pro Ceralo Cycle

This is another mid-range bicycle from Hero. It comes with appealing colors and designs. This one features an 18-inch frame size, steel bottle cage screws, mounted reflectors, and more.

This bicycle is ideal for cyclists with a height of 5 ft. 6 inches to 6 ft. 4 inches. This is a single-speed cycle with a reasonable price tag.

If you are looking for a sturdy yet lightweight cycle, you should go with it.

Main Features:

  • The building material of this cycle is steel
  • It has 26 inches of wheels
  • This features direct-pull brake

6. Hero Sprint Fazer Cycle

If you are looking for a cheaper yet high-end bicycle, then Hero has this to offer. This is available in 2 color variations that are black/green and black/red.

It comes with a frame size of 18 inches and a tire size of 26 inches. It is an 18-speed bicycle, which is compatible with individuals of 12+ years of age.

The maximum height of the rider should be up to 5 ft. 10 inches, and the minimum rider height is 5 ft. 4 inches.

Main Features:

  • This one is ideal for people above 12
  • The frame material of this cycle is steel
  • Its wheel size is 26 inches

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7. Hero Fashion Cycle

Are you looking for an affordable bicycle for your girls? Then this will be a perfect choice. First of all, this one has a great design. And, it is available in 2 colors such as pink and peach.

You will get it in a semi-assembled condition. With the supplied installation accessories, you will need to assemble it later. It is suitable for riders of 9 to 11 years of age.

And, the minimum height of the rider would be 4 feet. Whereas the maximum rider height of this bicycle is up to 5 feet.

Main Features:

  • This cycle is suitable for age 9 to 11 years old
  • The required minimum riders height is 4 feet and the maximum is 5 feet
  • Its frame material is steel

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8. Firefox Mountain Bike

Need a mountain bike at an affordable price? This bicycle from Firefox would be an ideal choice for you, then. It is made with steel frames. This mountain bike is a 21-speed bike.

The minimum height of the rider should be 5 feet 4 inches and the max rider height should be 6 feet. And, it comes with 26 inches tire and 18 inches frame.

Now, you will not get the lock, horn/bell, chain cover, mudguard, etc. with this one. Otherwise, it is a great option for riders of 12+ years of age.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 6 months of warranty
  • It is suitable for persons above 12 years old
  • The riders minimum height should be 5 feet 4 inches and the maximum is 6 feet

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9. Montra Blues Super Cycle (700X35C)

The next one on our list is an expensive option. So, if you are in budget constraints, we would suggest you skip this one. There are better budget-friendly options out there.

The minimum and maximum rider height of this bicycle should be 4.8 ft. and 5.6 ft. respectively. You will get this 21-speed bike in colors such as black and semi-matte grey. It has a front suspension and a 15.5 frame size.

Main Features:

  • The frame material of this bike is Aluminum Alloy
  • Riders minimum height should be 4 feet 8 inches and the maximum height should be 5 feet 8 inch
  • This ideal for age above 11 year

10. Cockatoo Elite Series Mountain Bike

Next up, we have the Cockatoo elite mountain bike. This one is also another 21-speed bike. And, the maximum height of the cyclist should be 6 feet.

In contrast, the minimum height should be 5 feet 4 inches. This one features V brake on both front and rear, double alloy rim, steel material, fork mechanical suspension, and more. For the price, this is a good option.

Main Features:

  • The weight of this bike is 18 kg
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • This cycle’s frame material is steel

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Other Competition

Hero Hawk Nuage Hybrid Bike

This hybrid bicycle from Hero is intended for adult male individuals. This is not a pricey product as well. So, all of our readers should check this one out.

Like most other bicycles here, this one also will come 85% assembled. And, the minimum rider high for this bike is 5.5 ft. On the opposite, the maximum rider height is 5.11 ft. It is a single gear bike with rigid suspension.

Main Features:

  • This cycle is suitable for age above 14 years
  • The rider’s height should be from 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 11 inch
  • Its building material is carbon steel

Avon Bicycles GEN Bicycle

Right now, we have the Avon Gen Now cycle. It is also intended for boys. It comes with a steel body. And, you will get all the necessary tools for assembling the bike as it comes in a semi-assembled state.

The tire and frame size of this bike is 26 inches and 17.5 inches respectively. It is integrated with double-wall alloy rims and front/rear disc brake. This single-speed bicycle from Avon has suspension fork and PVC fender with reflective tape. Overall, this could be worth a check.

Main Features:

  • The wheel size is 26 inches
  • Its frame is made with steel
  • Comes with Alloy rims

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Hercules Roadeo Hank Cycle

It will hard to find a bicycle lover that hasn’t heard of ‘Hercules’ brand. This premium bike comes with a 26-inch tire and 17 inches frame. You will get it in a 90% assembled state. So, you will need to assemble it later. Also, it is compatible with riders more than 11 years of age.

So, the minimum rider height should be 4.4 ft. and the maximum height of the rider should be 5.5 ft. This single-speed bike comes with front suspension, disc brake on the front, and V brake on the back.

Main Features:

  • This is suitable for  11 plus years olds
  • The frame material is steel
  • Riders minimum height should be 4 feet 4 inches and the maximum height should be 5 feet 5 inch

Triad C1 Bicycle

The last bicycle on our review post is from Triad. This is a lightweight, stylish, and reasonably priced product. This one is suitable for riders from 5 ft. 4 inches to 6 ft. 1 inch.

The Triad C1 is available in matte orange color. It is built with lightweight yet hi-tensile steel. It is integrated with V brake at front and back.

The 26 inches tire is heavily treaded for extreme grip and reliability. With an 18-inch frame size, this can be a great bicycle for our readers.

Main Features:

  • The frame material is steel
  • Its wheel size is 26 inches
  • The rider height should be from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 1 inch

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Sum Up:

We have reviewed 13 of the top-rated bicycles in India. We hope this post will help you choose the best one amongst all these cycles. Additionally, we have added a few tips that you should be aware of prior to purchasing a bicycle. Thus, we hope this post will come in handy for the readers that are going to buy a new bicycle.

So, if you have any suggestions or thoughts on this post, you can share them in the comments below!

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