10 Best Mattress Protectors in India

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Can you think of anything more important than a good night’s sleep after a tiring day at the office or doing house chores? A mattress plays a crucial role in ensuring that but what most people forget is that a mattress also needs some kind of protection especially since it is meant to have a life of several years, if not decades.

If a quality mattress cover is used then you can easily save the mattress from getting spoilt by water or dust mites, thereby lengthening its lifespan.

Before making a purchase, you should look for the size of your current mattress and if it’s a non-standard one, then you can even get a custom cover made.

Getting a perfect fit is the most crucial part as any minor deviation can allow water to seep through the cover and enter the mattress. Here are some of the best mattress protectors available online in India and based on your requirements, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best Mattress Protectors in India

1) Linen Affairs Mattress Cover

linenaffairs Hypoallergenic Waterproof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector


1) This mattress cover will not only protect your expensive mattress from getting dirty and collect dust over time but will also keep it safe from liquid damage.

2) It is made with a special membrane that stops water from seeping in and enter the mattress to permanently damage.

3) This feature will be even more necessary for households having kids. The seller offers the option to have a cover made in the custom dimensions of your mattress.

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4) It can be easily washed either by hand or in a washing machine.


There is no zipper mechanism to hold the mattress protector in place. It might move a little if not properly tucked under the bed.

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2) Trance Home Linen Cotton Terry 200 GSM Mattress Protector

Trance Home Linen Cotton Terry 200 GSM Waterproof Queen Size Mattress Protector


1) As the company claims, this mattress protector is made using high-quality 200 GSM fabric that is better than its competitors.

2) It has a TPU coating on the inside while the cotton on the top absorbs almost all the moisture which helps increase the life of your mattress and keeps it dry and clean.

3) You will be able to easily wash the cover without affecting its effectiveness over time.

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4) The company has made it available in a range of sizes and you can even request a custom size.


The material used for making this mattress protector may not be the thickest around and some users might find it problematic.

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3) Uppercut Terry Cotton Mattress Cover

Uppercut Waterproof and Dustproof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector


1) Coming in a range of bright colours, you will have a list of colour options to choose from based on your preference.

2) Like any modern mattress protector, this one is also waterproof and keeps dust particles away from the mattress itself.

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3) This cover is especially good for the Indian summer season as the designed have made sure to keep the fabric breathable.

4) You can get this soft fabric cover for your mattress of any size.


1) Being good at preventing dust from reaching your mattress, this cover holds a lot of dust which might be a little tough to get out when washing.

2) Also, the bright coloured cover may bleed colour while washing.

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4) Wakefit Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

Wakefit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector


1) Available in a lot of size combinations, this mattress cover is sure to fit the mattress you currently have.

2) The brand has made the top layer using terry cotton which is a soft material and causes no trouble while you sleep calmly.

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3) On the inside, a layer of TPU protects your mattress from getting wet from accidental spills while also keeping it safe from dust.

4) The included cotton lycra elastic ensures a strong hold and longevity. It is quite easy to wash in a washing machine, though gentle washing is recommended.


Sizing could be an issue with this mattress cover. It is advised to get a size larger than what you need to have a perfect fit.

Check Price : Amazon

5) Trance home Linen Cotton Mattress Cover

Trance Home Linen Cotton Waterproof and Dustproof Queen Size Mattress Protector

Check Price : Amazon


1) Being a different model of the aforementioned Trance Home cover, this one shares a lot of its quality features to give you a great product experience.

2) For starters, it is made using the same 200 GSM fabric and has a thick 0.5-inch elastic around to hold it in place.

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3) The skirting itself is made out of pure cotton which helps to extend its life.

4) This multi-layer fabric helps keep liquid away from the mattress while ensuring proper airflow.


1) The mattress cover is available only for queen size mattresses and all you can customise is its thickness.

2) The fabric quality could have been better for its given price, say a few buyers of this cover.

6) Linewalas Fitted Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector

Linenwalas Fitted Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector

Check Price : Flipkart


1) While actually weighing 1.2Kg, the company has used a really good quality fabric which translates to even better waterproof waterproofing.

2) The fitting of this cover is excellent and it won’t be moving around once it’s put in the place.

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3) Like others, there are multiple layers in this protector which help make it waterproof and keeps away allergens and bacteria as well.


1) Its top surface could be a little rough if you plan to sleep directly on the mattress cover.

2) You’d be better off with having the mattress covered with a bedsheet.

3) This cover is available only on queen size and you’re out of luck if you have anything other than a queen bed.

7) Sleepyhead Bamboo Terry Waterproof Mattress Cover

Sleepyhead Bamboo Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector

Check Price : Amazon


1) Made by the mattress manufacturers themselves, the fit and finish of this mattress protector are better than most.

2) You get this in almost all standard size configurations to get that perfect fit.

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3) The best part about this is its base material, which is bamboo instead of cotton, that is much cooler and softer.

4) The top layer itself is quite absorbent to keep liquids away from the mattress but an inner TPU layer is also included for better protection.


1) You will find its price to be a tad high, especially when compared with other similar products available in the market.

2) The fabric used on the sides isn’t particularly high-quality like the top.

8) Cloth Fusion Patron Waterproof Mattress Protector

Cloth Fusion Patron 2nd Gen Waterproof Cotton Double Size Mattress Protectors

Check Price : Amazon


1) Designed to fit almost any mattress of any size, this protector can be purchased in a range of colours if white is something you are looking to avoid.

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2) There is a quilted top for giving you some extra support along with a middle layer made out of breathable material, while at the bottom, you will find a PU laminated sheet that keeps the water and dust away from your mattress.


1) The price of this mattress protector is almost double of what other similar products ask for.

2) The top fabric has a smooth finish and those looking for a soft fibrous finish may be a bit disappointed, especially since its stitching starts to loosen up after some use.

9) Dream Care Fitted Mattress Cover

Dream Care Fitted Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Protector

Check Price : Amazon


1) If you need a darker colour mattress protector for saving on cleaning it repeatedly, then this company offers you options ranging from dark colours to bright ones.

2) Besides being soft on the top part, the cover also prevents against dust mites and saves your mattress from water spillage which extends the life of your mattress.

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3) With this cover, neither your bedsheet will slip or you will get to hear that odd plasticky sound.

4) The seller offers to make this cover in a custom size as per the size of your mattress.


1) This particular product isn’t available in a lot of different sizes and you will have to stick to a few standard ones.

2) The protector itself weighs about 700 grams which means the material used isn’t the best quality out there.

3) Dream Care could have priced it a little lower.

10) AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Vinyl-Free Waterproof Mattress Protector

AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Vinyl-Free Waterproof Mattress Protector

Check Price : Amazon


1) Amazon markets a range of utility products and mattress protectors are one of them that offers optimum protection to your mattress.

2) This cover can accommodate mattresses that are up to 18 inches thick and of fairly large size as well.

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3) It is machine washable and is hypoallergic while avoiding any material like vinyl and PVC.

4) It offers waterproof properties to give you peace of mind and comes with a standard 1 year of warranty.


1) When placed under a bedsheet, the mattress protector might give you a plastic-like feel.

2) Pricing could have been a little lower considering the overall offering.

3) It is available in a handful of standard sizes and of your mattress differs even by a bit, you’d be out of luck.

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