10 Best Bean Bags in India 2024

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A bean bag is basically a complete stuffed up bag manufactured to provide you relaxation and comfort. It allows you to lounge upon anytime and anywhere you want. Bean Bags are ergonomically structured and aesthetically designed to enhance the appeal of your chic home. Tired and want something cozy to relax upon, or just want to read your favorite books in a calm place then rely on these multi-purpose bean bags designed just to help you experience joy and relaxation.

Bean bags are not just fun to sit upon, they go aesthetically with your home structure!  Bean Bags are literally inexpensive and are highly recommended if you want to furnish your home with unique and beautiful essentials. No need to sit on a hard chair anymore, because you can have bean bags for your home decor! 

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Things To Consider While Buying a Bean Bag

Bean Bags are usually considered as an attractive, stylish, and lavish furniture that contour easily with your standard lifestyle.  We are providing a guide that you must keep in mind while choosing an ideal bean bag- 

Space and Size

Make sure the shape and size of the bean bag blend easily with your comfort and size. The placement of a bean bag is the most important factor to notice because bean bags come in variable sizes and designs according to your requirements and satisfaction.

Quality and Quantity of Filling

While picking out a bean bag, you must collect some essential information like the quantity of filling required to make it more fluffy and experience-rich. Because the greater the quality of the filling, the better will be the bean bag’s quality. You might want to check if the bean bag is waterproof or not otherwise it is going to be a great mess, once water gets mixed with the filling.


You must opt for bean bags that are double or triple stitched to make sure its high durability and sturdiness. Sometimes the bean bag you choose looks very pretty and attractive but on the very next week of your purchase, the stitches open loose. 


No matter what quality bean bag you are choosing, you must equip your mind with the amount of filling it requires and how frequently you would have to refill it. Voluntarily ask for a year or so warranty card if in case of any product damage in the future.

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Features a Bean Bag Provides

Bean bags are the best replacement for chairs and sofas in your house. Sometimes bean bags come with its fillings and just cover the other time. Bean bags are an ideal furnishing essential, no matter if you live with your family or in a bachelor pad this relaxing chair can be fit in all! You can fill your bean bag with high-quality beans that will provide a great extent of comfort and relaxation to its user.

Bean bags are long-lasting, soft, skillfully designed, and fit best in your budget. Bean bags are ergonomically structured that helps you provide relaxation more than any chair could provide, ever. These extra-comforting chairs are designed to contour with your body habits and postures. They provide exceptional comfort to your body by having your neck, shoulder, back, head in a comfortable position. If you are comparing a bean bag and a chair, you might find bean bags more comfortable and relaxing as this beautiful piece is designed to complement your health and comfort needs. Enjoy sitting on a bean bag without having a second concern about your back! 

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The soft and squishy stuff filled inside a bean bag makes it extra comforting and relaxing. The design and structure of a bean bag molds just right with the user’s physique providing an extra touch of composition and calmness. Bean bags are highly acceptable as comforting furniture for both the purposes- sitting and sleeping. You can sleep and on a bean bag in several ways according to your comfort

Best Bean Bags in India

Be very descriptive and informative while picking out an ideal bean bag to furnish your home with. A good bean bag will bring a joy of comfort and relaxation to you while a bad one can ruin your leisure time and could bring health issues as well. Below is a guide to help you choose from a wide variety of bean bags-

1. ORKA Classic XXL Bean Bag with Footstool Filled with Beans

ORKA Classic XXL Bean Bags are built to be durable, comfortable, and is one of the greatest addition to your chic home. This bean bag uses artificial leather as its primary material and it requires basic assembly to be maintained. This brown color ORKA Classic XXL Bean Bag with Footstool Filled with Beans has a perfect height to width ratio. What makes it a must-have useful essential to decor your home with is its lightweight and comfortable structure.

This product is easy to carry and makes compatibility with your home easily. ORKA Classic XXL Bean Bag is designed to fulfill your aesthetic needs by providing a complimentary touch to your home decor. With this product comes an assurance of high durability and color fastener guarantee.

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This bean bag is double stitched to makes the seam stronger and has a capacity of up to 100kgs which makes it a sturdy and robust product to be bought. Keep in mind some ground rules while using this product: never burn fire near the bag, spot clean with only moist clothes, and keep away from pointy or sharp objects.

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2. Solimo XXL Bean Bag Cover

Aesthetically and thoughtfully designed to complement your needs and your beautiful home as well. This bag has a great extent of the seam and tears strength as the bag is made up of Leatherette Fabric.

The product comes with a year warranty and easy handle strap to pull it around anywhere. The double-stitched feature helps this bean to not spill beans but as this is only a bean bag cover, so you must buy beans of about 1.5 kg to 2 kg to fill and refill this bag.

Solimo XXL Bean Bag Cover has strong poly viscous backing to provide your back comfortable and relaxing experience. This is an aesthetically designed classic multi-purpose bean bag from lounging, long chit-chat with friends, relaxing nap, book reading in the remotest corner to having a cup coffee.

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This bean bag is the best choice to make when you are looking for a comfortable and relaxing bean bag. 

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3. Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover

If you want to get comfortable, then you must get Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover. This relaxing product adds an attractive appeal to your home decor just by staying put in a corner. The sturdy stitched Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover is a classic option if you want to excel in your comforting and relaxing experience.

The indulging comfort, premium stitching, and Leatherette Fabric makes it an appealing choice for your sitting comfort. One thing to keep in mind while looking for this product is that it is only a bean bag cover and doesn’t come with any fillings.

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Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover’s refilling frequency depends merely upon the frequency of usage.

With the product, comes a year warranty card and an instruction card of all the do’s and don’ts. 

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4. Urbanloom Organic Cotton Handloom XXXL Bean Bag Cover

Urbanloom Organic Cotton Handloom XXXL Bean Bag Cover is made up of high-density organic cotton to satisfy your comfort needs. What makes this product a must-have is its different benevolent features- ultra-comfortable, skin-friendly, washable, breathable, and allergy-free.

This bean bag filled with 3 kilograms of beans can take up to 100 kilograms of weight and its lightweight feature makes it a handy product to use. The most noticeable thing about this bean bag is its anti-sweat feature and it is designed specially by keeping in mind about Indian weather.

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This product can go into your office, drawing room and this is a product that makes you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

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5. Couchette XXL Bean Bag Cover with Round Footrest

Couchette XXL Bean Bag Cover with Round Footrest is a product proudly manufactured in India that ensures your satisfaction and your neighbor’s attention as well! This product is a combo of a Couchette XXL Bean Bag Cover and a medium-sized round footrest to compliment your relaxing posture.

This product is manufactured with a fine quality fade resistant leatherette and requires about 3 kilograms of polystyrene beans to fill and refill the bag.

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Urbanloom Organic Cotton Handloom XXXL Bean Bag Cover has a sturdy seam and robust tear strength which makes this product a must-have in your house. 

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6. ComfyBean Bags XXXL Bean Bag Without Fillers Cover

ComfyBean Bags XXXL Bean Bag Without Fillers Cover is a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, kids room, or office decor.

Want to support your aching back, read books in a corner of your room, or just simply sip coffee in your balcony? Then buy ComfyBean Bags XXXL Bean Bag Without Fillers Cover that satisfies all your needs at once and for all. As per the name suggests, ComfyBean is quite comfortable to relax your back upon and its lightweight feature makes it fun to sit on.

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This product has a weight endurance of about 75-90 kilograms and it is double stitched to make sure that it lasts long and provides utmost pleasure to the user. 

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7. NV Bean Bag Sofa Mudda Black XXXL Size One Person Sitting Chair

If you want a versatile chair to sit upon then, you must go for NV Bean Bag Sofa. While opting for this product one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it is only a bean bag sofa cover and requires beans of about 2 kilograms to fill and refill the chair. The fade-resistant fabric helps to retain the colour for a longer time.

If you wish to enjoy this product to its fullest then you must buy quality beans to fill and refill the chair, because the greater the quality of beans, the smoother will be your experience with the chair.

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This product is manufactured only to help you discover the lavish and comforting experience so that you can relax in any corner of your room. Desire to be comfortable? Get a NV Bean Bag Sofa Mudda Black XXXL Size One Person Sitting Chair.

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8. Kainaat Fashion Classic Bean Bag Cover

Kainaat Fashion Classic Bean Bag Cover adds an extra touch of sophistication and lavishness to your house with its beautiful and appealing Bean Bag chair. The covers are made up of soft artificial leather that fits perfectly as your relaxing yet aesthetic house essential.

The product comes with a double-layered childproof locking at the bottom so that your little ones don’t get acquainted with harmful beans! This bean bag cover is ergonomically designed and filled with high-quality beans that add bouncy comfort to it.

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This maroon colored elegant and functionally rich bean bag cover is a great addition to a contemporary, chic home. This classic Kainaat Fashion Classic Bean Bag Cover provides an extra attractive, stylish, and comforting touch to your house.

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9. Home Valley XXXL Bean Bag Cover

Home Valley XXXL Bean Bag Cover is an ideal candidate to satisfy your back-aching needs! Well, to be precise, this product is an ideal choice if you want to relax on a chair that is a quality product and provides the perfect width to height ratio.

The product is made up of soft durable artificial leather with strong and sturdy triple stitched which makes the product highly robust by providing extra strength to it. Home Valley XXXL Bean Bag Cover has an extraordinary endurance of up to 125 kilograms provided with a convenient handle to drag around easily.

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This bean bag cover is an ergonomically designed child-friendly product, with an extra feature of child-safe locking at the bottom to help your kids stay away from the beans. Home Valley XXXL Bean Bag Cover ensures your safety and comfort as well. Try now! 

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10. Zolo XXXL Black Bean Bag Without Beans

Provide modern shape to your contemporary home with Zolo XXXL-Black-Bean Bag Without Beans-Cover. This product can put in different places like- living room, office, physical therapy room, meditation center, or/and in your kid’s playroom.

The bean bag cover is made up of strong leatherette materials to provide you a relaxing experience and help you get away from all the stress through its comforting design.

Zolo XXXL-Black-Bean Bag Without Beans-Cover has a commendable endurance of about 70 kilograms and it requires approx 2.2-2.5 kilograms of high-quality beans to enhance its comfort. 

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Best Beans for Bean Bags

1. NutriBuck Organic Buckwheat Hulls/Husk (3kg)

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To enhance the comfort and relaxing quality of your pillows, zafu, cushions, and mattresses, you need to have a firm grip over high-quality beans. The NutriBuck Organic buckwheat hull is the most ideal way to fill your pillows with as it allows ample air to pass through the pillow and helps eliminate heat build-up.  

2. Casa Copenhagen Premium 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill/Filler – Vanila Super White

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Casa Copenhagen Premium Bean Bag Filler accommodates into about 2 kg Bean covers. This is an ideal option if you want to fill/refill your bean bags or stuffed toys with as it assures long durability and sturdiness through time. The most important thing while using these beans to fill your bags is that keep away from your kids as it can be suffocating when inhaled.

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Tips On How To Wash Your Bean Bag Covers

While buying a bean bag, you must consider the most important thing- its washable factor. If you are not able to wash your bean bag covers then it might cause some serious hygiene issues in the future. Beans bags are manufactured with varieties of fabrics, and each fabric needs a different set of care rules to be followed.

One factor that decides the wash-ability of a bean bag is the product filled inside the bean bag. The most suitable way to provide care to your bean bag is the one provided by the manufacturers. 

1. Liner filled bean bags: Remove all the fillings and machine wash the bean bag cover and machine dry it on medium heat. Once the cover is all dried up, refill the loose filler. 

2. Scrub the spot off: If you see any stubborn spot on the cover, scrub it off with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush and then wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

4. Damp the spot off a lavish bean bag: If you witness a heavy accumulation of dust on your plush bean bag then use a vacuum cleaner to get rid off the dirt, effectively.  

5. Dust off the leather bags: If you see a dirt accumulation on your leather bean bag, then you should use a regular towel slightly damped with a soapy solution. To maintain the shine of your leather bean bag, apply a leather conditioner every three to six months. 

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