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Top 20 Best PC Games of 2018

It is that time of the year when almost every student, be it in school or college, is free from exams and is approaching vacations. Many of us like to play PC games and need new titles to play this vacation.

Top 20 Best PC Games of 2018

Here is my personal list of the best games that have realesed or will release in 2018.

 1  Crackdown 3

It is among the top most anticipated games of this year. Crackdown 3 is going to be one of the Xbox One’s marquee exclusive games, featuring immense levels of environmental destruction in an open world–an evolution of the previous games in the series. However, there will be a difference in how this is handled between single-player and multiplayer. The mass destruction in multiplayer relies on server-based cloud technology which will provide the grand spectacle in online games.

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On the other hand, the single-player campaign will be more tame, akin to a Just Cause. This open-world action game focuses its narrative on taking down criminal syndicates similar to the original Crackdown. We can expect plenty of superhuman abilities for strength and speed, along with an arsenal of weapons and vehicles. It is set to launch in late spring of 2018 at an unknown date for the XBOX and Windows 10.

 2  Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 is an action role-playing hack and slash game. Players take control of Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, from a third-person perspective. Fury, a mage who is described as the most unpredictable and enigmatic of the Four Horsemen, relies on whips and magic in combat

Some enemies from previous games will return, while other foes will be new. Gated combat will not feature. The idea is to make everything within the setting contextualized and interconnected. This game will launch in 2018 for PS4, XBOX and Windows PC.

 3  Far Cry 5

Anyone familiar with this series is sure to be desperately waiting for this installment. Between the sprawling farmlands and dense forests of the fictional region known as Hope County, Montana, the place is primed to make the most of Far Cry’s open world and emergent gameplay.

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Far Cry 5 also promises to continue the series’ tradition of featuring memorable antagonists. As the leader of a doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate, Joseph Seed looks to be as calculating as 4’s Pagan Min and as fanatical as 3’s Vaas. What makes Far Cry 5 all the more promising is how it adapts fan-favorite features like Far Cry 4’s cooperative play and Far Cry Primal’s animal companionship.

Along with a wealth of vehicles and weapons plus untamed animals you can turn against enemies, there shouldn’t be a shortage of creative ways to take down Eden’s Gate.

It is going to release on March 27 and can be pre-purchased at a 100$ on Ubisoft’s website, where a sale is going on right now.

 4  Left Alive

Both the teaser trailer and gameplay trailer released at the show set the stage for a sci-fi epic with war as a central theme.

Left Alive is connected to Square Enix’s Front Mission series. The typical grid-based mechanics are out, obviously, but the series’ iconic Wanzer mechs are back. Chances are you will eventually get to pilot one, but in an interesting twist, we know for sure that at some point in the game you will have to face towering mechs as a soldier on the ground.

Left Alive is due out as a console exclusive for PlayStation 4 in 2018. It will also be available on PC via Steam.

 5  Metal Gear Survive

Rather than being a new canonical entry in the series, Metal Gear Survive is instead an alternate universe spin-off. Following the evacuation of Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller from the besieged Mother Base at the end of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the soldiers of Big Boss’ Militaries Sans Frontiers are transported to a world full of hostile zombie-like entities. With little resources left to survive, those who remain must work together to quell the otherworldly threat and find a way back home.

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The game is essentially a cooperative multiplayer take on the mechanics from the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Supporting up to four players, you’re free to explore the game’s open world and work together to complete missions. Much of what the game expands upon sounds promising, but it remains to be seen whether or not Konami can truly create a substantial Metal Gear experience on their own.

The game can be purchased now on Steam.

 6  Metro Exodus

Survival has always been at the forefront of the series, and based on what we’ve seen, Metro Exodus is no different. You must conserve ammo, not only because one bullet can be the difference between life and death, but because they are the common currency underground. And when you decide to venture above ground, you must pay attention to your oxygen levels. The survivors find refuge under the streets in a vast and sprawling metro system where irradiated monsters and bandits roam.

The Metro games are brutal, haunting experiences that feel almost too real. Metro: Exodus looks to follow and expand on the ideas of its predecessors. If you have any interest in horror or first-person shooter games, this is one you won’t want to miss.

This game is available for PS4, XBOX and Windows.

 7  Sea of Thieves

This pirate-themed first-person action-adventure focuses on multiplayer across islands and the open seas. The game is shown to have range; there’s a lot going on from ship battles and navigating the seas to digging up treasures and hoarding loot.

It sports a beautiful, easy-going aesthetic with a cartoonish vibe and lax physics. But that doesn’t negate the intensity of large-scale battles at sea with cannonballs flying overhead or the sense of panic when trying to nail down a shot from a one-round flintlock pistol. The game isn’t limited to PvP, as NPC enemies layer PvE scenarios into a shared world. Sea of Thieves is also one of the few cross-play games between the PC and Xbox One platforms, which should help sustain player count.

This game released worldwide on 20th March.

 8  Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is Ubisoft’s direct successor to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Aside from offering a traditional single-player-focused campaign, the game also offers 5v5 multiplayer modes where you and four others fight other player-controlled ships for loot.

While the reveal of Skull & Bones is an exciting step towards a new series that follows in the tradition of Black Flag, it also represents a divorce of naval combat from the expectations of future Assassin’s titles

The game will release in late 2018 for PS4, XBOX and Windows.

 9  Biomutant

This peculiar looking action-RPG mashes up ancient Wushu martial arts, gun-fu, and plenty of anthropomorphic beasts to take down, all in the name of protecting a vast, mystical land. Weapon crafting and the ability to infuse your character with psychic mutations or robotic limbs promise to let you bash heads in your own unique way.

This game will be releasing later in the year.

 10  The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a four-player FPS. Survivors will need to team up to secure a base and slice and shoot their way through the sea of zombies occupying Washington D.C. using knives, guns and special abilities. Expect to rescue other survivors, embark on missions, and work your way through your character’s skill tree and story.

This epic game is set to release in the fall of 2018.

 11  Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed action-adventure game set in an open world environment. The player controls Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang, from a third-person perspective. The game features both single-player and online multiplayer components.

The game is meant for PlayStation and XBOX which means it can be played on PC as well.

It is bound to release on 26 October this year.

 12  Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Based on the Dragon Ball franchise, it was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in most regions in January 2018.

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The game takes place sometime between the “Future Trunks” and “Universe Survival” arcs of Dragon Ball Super. Players each select three characters to form a team, from an initial roster of 24. One character is controlled and can be switched with one of the other characters at any time. Players can also call one of their other characters to perform an “Assist” move, allowing simultaneous attacks and combos with the entire team. All three of the opponent’s characters must be defeated to win the game. In addition to the unique moves of each character, players have several universal moves available.

Overall, it is a treat for anyone who is a fan of the franchise.

 13  The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is an upcoming open world racing video game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It features a persistent open world environment for free-roaming across a scaled-down recreation of the United States. The game allows players to control a variety of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes.

At its core, this is a racing game. In the game, players assume control of a relatively unknown racer, who is trying to work his way to become successful in multiple disciplines. It has several hubs, different environments and vehicle customization. It is a must play for anyone who is a fan of racing games.

It is set to release on 29 June this year.

 14  Frost Punk

Frost Punk is an upcoming steampunk city-building video game developed by 11 bit studios. Its premise goes as follows-

In an alternative timeline in the summer of 1886 snowstorms and frost led to failing crops and the death of millions. The player is the leader of a group of people who fled the cold and the hunger to find a heat generator. His task is to manage them so they would fire up the generator and build a city, which should cover their basic needs.

The game will release on 24 April this year for Windows.

 15  Long Gone Days

Long Gone Days is a modern-day military RPG where your mission isn’t quite what it seems–and not just because of the cool-looking first-person turn-based combat. After deserting the army, your personal mission to stop all war takes priority.

In Long Gone Days, the player controls Rourke, a soldier from an underground unrecognized country named “The Core”, after he’s deployed to a mission in Kaliningrad, Russia. After discovering the truth about the operation he was a part of, he decides to desert and find a way to prevent the upcoming war his homeland wants to provoke. It has retro 2D graphics which will make the players a bit nostalgic.

It will be releasing in December this year.

 16  Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an upcoming open world survival video game developed and published by Funcom for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, with the custom playable character being rescued by Conan, beginning their journey.

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The most basic premise of Conan Exiles is survival in the fictional prehistoric Hyborian Age. Player characters begin convicted of various crimes, sentenced to death, and are crucified under the scorching desert sun. The player is rescued by Conan, however, and as an exile must now navigate a harsh desert landscape, appropriately titled The Exiled Lands.

The game was out in January this year and will later this year be released for XBOX and PS4.

 17  Code Vein

Code Vein[a] is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. It is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia with vampire themes, including “gifts” from the consumption of blood, and other supernatural abilities.

Code Vein is an action role-playing game set in an open world post-apocalyptic dystopian environment and played from a third-person perspective. Its gameplay is inspired by the Dark Souls series of games, also published by Bandai Namco.

The game is supposed to release later this year.

 18  Fortnite

Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly and published by Epic Games. The game was released as a paid-for early access title for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 25, 2017, with a full free-to-play release expected in 2018.

Fortnite is set in contemporary Earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear, and zombie-like creatures rise to attack the remainder. Considered by Epic as a cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, Fortnite has up to four players cooperating on various missions on randomly-generated maps to collect resources, build fortifications around defensive objectives that are meant to help fight the storm and protect survivors, and construct weapons and traps to engage in combat with waves of these creatures that attempt to destroy the objectives.

Players gain rewards through these missions to improve their hero characters, support teams, and arsenal of weapon and trap schematics to be able to take on more difficult missions. The game is supported through microtransactions to purchase in-game currency that can be used towards these upgrades.

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A standalone mode, Fortnite Battle Royale, based on the battle royale game genre but based on the core Fortnite gameplay, was released for the same platforms in September 2017.

 19  Soulcalibur 6

Soulcalibur VI is an upcoming 3D weapon-based fighting game developed by Project Soul and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It will be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018. According to producer Motohiro Okubo, the game is a celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Soulcalibur VI will take place during the 16th century and revisit the events of the first Soulcalibur game to “uncover hidden truths”. Following the tradition of prior installments, Soulcalibur VI’s gameplay involves two weapon-wielding combatants battling against one another on a 3D plane. The game introduces a new mechanic known as the Reversal Edge, which allows players to defend against an oncoming attack and quickly strike back, alongside a slow-motion effect. The mechanic follows the rather recent trend of fighting games introducing more options in player defense.

 20  Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is an upcoming video game in development and to be published by Crytek.

Hunt’s competitive, match-based gameplay mixes PvP and PvE elements to create a uniquely tense experience where your life, your character, and your gear are always on the line. At the beginning of each match, up to five teams of two set out to track their monstrous targets. Once they’ve found and defeated one of these they will receive a bounty—and instantly become a target for every other Hunter left on the map.

The game released on Windows, XBOX and PS4 on 22nd February.

There are almost uncountable games already released and more to come. The games in this list are the ones that are most anticipated by people all over the world. If you know of any more such games, do let us know down in the comments.


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