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10 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners in India

Strengthening your hand grip is as important as strengthening your other body muscle groups like biceps and glutes. Grip strength determines how firmly you can get a hold of anything and how much weight you can easily carry like lifting bags of grocery, carrying kids, laundry baskets and clothes shopping, shoveling, swinging a racket in tennis and a bat in cricket and so many more daily tasks are made easy with a better handgrip. 

Even a study found out that a good grip is one of the strongest predictors of overall muscle strength and endurance. Strengthening your hand grip provides an overall strength by keeping your mind and body fit. Nowadays, there are so many products and tools available with a very genuine quotation of price to enhance and support your grip strength.

We have prepared this well researched guide on how to choose the best Hand Grip Strengthener for yourself after a lot of effort.

Best Hand Grip Strengthener in India

Things To Consider When Buying Hand Grip Strengthener?

Any pulling or pushing activity requires good forearm work and if you are finding your forearms tiring even before carrying out any activity, then you might need a grip strengthener that would help you regain and retain your forearm, wrist, hand, and fingers grip. But before buying any hand strengthening product you might want to consider the following mentioned point- 

Make sure if you need a hand strengthener or a finger strengthener:

A hand strengthener is tong-shaped tools used to build strength in your entire hand and forearm muscles. While a finger strengthener improvises the grip, maintains dexterity, and is highly useful if you are a pianist, guitarist, or rock climber.

Pick heavy resistance for power and light for endurance:

Get hold of resistance as per your body requires like if you believe that your grip is relatively weak then you must opt for a light resistance strengthener because it would help you enrich your grip endurance, whereas, if you think that you have a relatively strong grip, go for grip with high resistance to increase the power of your grip.


The best thing about getting a hand grip strengthener is that it is available in fixed and yet adjustable designs to suit your comfort. Strengtheners made up of metal are highly durable and are more cost-effective in the long run. 

Steel grip strengtheners are safer to use:

Stainless Steel is the best choice for any strengthener as it provides high durability assurance and the chances of it breaking while you are using it, are relatively low. Look for rubberized or knurled handles to avoid any future uncertainties like slipping out of your hand.

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Best Hand Grip Strengtheners in India

While exercising, grip strengtheners are often neglected but they contain surprisingly diverse applications in them. The first thing a person notices about your personality is how firm and confident your handshake is, you don’t want to disappoint them by extending a fragile hand to shake. From pianists, rock climbers to shooters everyone cares a great deal about their grip strength. The most attractive thing about hand grip strengtheners is that they are very easy to use and really inexpensive so it can be used by anyone and anytime. They are fairly good and can genuinely make you confident by effectively building your grip strength. 

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Below is a list of handgrip strengthening products that would help you accomplish your goals in real-time. For every individual detail, read this descriptive and informative guide that we have provided to you-

1. Boldfit Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

Boldfit Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener is a skillfully designed hand gripper for men and women for gym workout and home use. This wrist exercise equipment is awesomely built to provide adjustable resistance from 10-40 kilograms as per your requirements.

The product is highly customizable and filled with comfortable features like non-slip material built to handle to provide you an amazing trip while working out. This product is highly useful in the forearm and finger exercise and the high-quality stainless steel used to structure this product makes it an even more durable and robust option for the comfort of your exercise.

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This highly durable, easy to handle and easy to use product is worth giving a chance.

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2. Heavy Sports Grips 200 lbs Resistance Advanced Grip Strengthener 

Imported directly from the USA, this Heavy Sports Grips 200 lbs Resistance Advanced Grip Strengthener is a genuine and classic product that is proven highly beneficial to beginners and professionals, as well. This multicolored attractive product worths every penny you invest.

For a substantial burn of your forearm, rely upon this product. Ergonomic design and durable construction make this product a favorite purchase to fitness-freaks.

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Heavy Sports Grips 200 lbs Resistance Advanced Grip Strengthener helps you retain your overall strength, muscular development, and athletic performances. This product is easy to use and is beneficial for everyone which makes it an even more appealing and desirable exercise product to purchase. 

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3. Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener is a genuinely simple yet highly effective product endowed with six-level strength that allows you to increase your grip strength so that you can enjoy a seamless exercise experience. This product is so small and compact that you can carry it anywhere and anytime you want.

Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener is built to satisfy your exercise needs by making your hand, finger, forearm, and wrist extra strong.

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The Strengthener is built up of good quality ABS plastic and the grip is provided with an ergonomic design that fits rightly in hands of every size.

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4.  THERABAND Flexbar Resistance Bar for Improving Grip Strength

This product is specially built to provide improvisation in grip strength and maintain your athletic performances because you don’t want to lose grip over your opportunities. THERABAND Flexbar Resistance Bar for Improving Grip Strengthener is easy to use and handle, so you can handle it anywhere and anytime you want without having any confrontation with the puzzling tools.

This product needs to be handled with care if you want to get relief while providing strength to your arms.

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The product is proven to be useful if you want to completely improvise your grip strength by eliminating any kind of tennis or golfers elbow, tendonitis, or anything caused by the rapid and repetitive wrist or arm movements. 

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5. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser helps you get a firm, strong, and better grip. This product is highly known to enhance your hand, wrist, and forearm strength. Choose this product if you want to attain shooting control, better weapon retention, and accuracy because of the unique and ergonomic design so that your individual fingers can isolate perfectly which makes it an ideal product for FBI, ATF, and DEA.

This is a package of three models with gradual resistance of 5 lbps, 7 lbps, and 9 lbps per finger, respectively. Get these valuable yet cost-effective tools now to enhance your shooting and bowhunting experience by giving you the much-needed strength that you require in your fingers.

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The most noticeable feature of this spring-loaded hand exerciser is that it strengthens the weakest fingers and provides great improvisation in your hand, wrist, and forearm strength.

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6. Digi-Flex Cando Hand and Finger Exercise System with 3 lbs Resistance 

This highly attractive red-colored finger exercising tool is the most popular finger exerciser ever made. It genuinely provides isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination by helping you regain and retain hand and forearm strength. Digi-Flex Cando Hand and Finger Exercise System is an imported product that comes with a package of manufacturer warranty.

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The product is used to build strength and dexterity in your fingers, wrist, and forearms, so that, you can stay fit and play longer by being stronger. 

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7. Thera-Band FlexBar – Blue – Heavy Resistance

Thera-Band FlexBar-Blue-Heavy Resistance tool is like a wake-up call to all the fitness enthusiasts out there. This product is used to provide shikder rehab and it enhances your forearm strength conditioning.

Thera-Band Flexbar is highly recommended if you are suffering from an accidental tennis elbow as this product eliminates any future possibilities of getting a tennis elbow by curing your present one that has been caused after a long and strenuous activity or during any other athletic performances.

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This heavy resistant Flexbar helps you get acquainted with eccentric movements by enriching your muscle strength and conditioning. 

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8. Dynatomy VariGrip Sport Adjustable Resistance (Medium-Extra Heavy) Finger Strengthener

Dynatomy VariGrip Sport Adjustable Resistance (Medium-Extra Heavy) Finger Strengthener is highly endowed with engaging exercise tool features like- customized tension, callus builder, ready to mobile conditioning, and innovative that solves your problems and help you retain your strength. This is a highly customizable product with which you can easily develop and maintain your strength, dexterity,  and endurance in your fingers.

The Strengthener is highly enriched with different and distinctive features including the ergonomic design, extra-wide base, and over-molded finger pads that increase your circulation which results in better control and command over your fingers, forearms, and wrist.

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Grab this product to make sure that your conditioning workout has turned into a comfortable session.

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9. Baseline Cando Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exerciser

This 1.5 pounds weighing beautiful and yellow in color Baseline Cando Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exerciser develops a commendable isolated finger strength that provides flexibility and coordination by compressing the entire units of fingers to achieve the purpose of strengthening and relaxation.

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The product is thoughtfully ingressed with buttons that you can independently use to exercise your fingers which creates a seamless and comfortable user experience with its ergonomic grip handle design. 

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This product has an endurance of high durability because of the high-quality product used to build this. The most noticeable feature about NIRVA Hand Grip Strengthener is its non-slip grip that provides extra support and comfort to its users. The durable spring system and light-weight feature make it an incredible choice of exercising tool that strengthens your hand, wrist, and forearm.

If you have a friend who is a fitness enthusiast, then this might be your ideal gift to them because it enhances hand endurance, strength while improving dexterity alongside. The best thing about this product is that it is easy to handle and adjust as it is ergonomically designed to amplify the strength and speed of your wrists, forearms, and fingers.

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NIRVA WITH DEVICE OF WOMEN PICTURE Hand Grip Strengthener has no age barrier when it comes to staying fit, all you have got to do is to be careful about the weight while using this effective and efficient exercising tool. 

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Exercises To Do With Hand Grip Strengthener? 

Before knowing what exercise to go for, you should be clear about what kind of grip you want to improvise. There are mainly three types of grip that you are needed to work upon- crush, support, and pinch. Having a good grip on things determine how firm and fit your forearm is. Below is a list of top exercises that you can pick out to improvise your grip strength- 

Towel Wring:

This exercise works on your crush grip by using merely a towel and water. You are required to run a towel underwater until it is completely wet, then hold the ends of the towel in front while making sure that it is horizontal to you. Wring the towel unless you are sure that there is no water left in it, when done, soak the towel again and repeat the process in the other direction to make sure that you work on both of your crush grips.

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Hand clench:

Get a stress ball or a tennis ball and a grip trainer to work on your crush grip. Simply, put tennis in the palm of your hand and then squeeze the ball using just your fingers and not thumb, try to clench as hard as you can then loosen the grip. Repeat this exercise about 50-100 times a day to see noticeable results in real-time. 

Dead hang:

This exercise enhances your support grip with the help of a strong horizontal object that can hold your weight. Grab onto a pull-up bar by having your palm and fingers forward over the bar and lift yourself. Make sure that you’re hanging from the bar with your arms fully straight. Hold on to the position as long as you can and for the starters don’t exceed the exercising limit above 10 seconds. Get comfortable and then challenge yourself even further. 

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Farmer’s Carry:

To enrich your support grip get a pair of dumbbells of about 20-50 pounds depending just upon your comfort level. Hold a dumbbell at both sides of your body with each hand while having your palm facing towards your body. Look straight forward and keep an upright position, walk about 50-100 feet in one direction. Get back to the position you started and repeat this exercise 3 times, at least. 

Pinch Grip Transfer:

Get two weight plates of at least 10 pounds each to enrich your pinch grip. Hold one of the plates in your hand and stand straight then pinch the edges with your fingers and thumbs and repeat the process with the other hand. Lower the hand with the weight plate down to your side and raise the hand with the weight plate to your chest and transfer the weight plate back to the other hand with the same pinch grip. For better results, perform this exercise 3 times a day. 

Plate Pinch:

Get two plates of at least 10 pounds to enrich and enhance your pinch grip. Lay two weight plates on flat ground and have a raised bench then lean down and grab the plates with your right hand in between your fingers and thumbs making sure that your fingers and thumb are on different sides. Stand back and hold the plates in your hand for 5 seconds and then lower the plates down. Repeat this exercise for at least 3 times a day to see better and effective results. 

Precautions to take?

There are so many things to care about when it comes to strengthening your hand grip. You should think about dexterity, mobility, sensitivity, tactility, durability, comfort, flexibility, and performance while using a tool to strengthen your hand grip in real-time. 

Grip strength is important for your safety and also to your health so some precautions are to be kept in mind while using any of the hand strengthening tools- 


Long work out session can bring long fatigue caused by overexertion that plays an integral role in limiting your work performance.

Musculoskeletal injuries:

35 muscles control movement of your forearm and hand so make sure that every exercise you perform is under the guidance and as per your comfort only. 

Slipping accidents:

Try to figure out the amount of weight that you can endure because lifting a weight that you can endure could bring unsolicited events of accidents like the tool being slipped or dropped off of your hands and hurting other parts of your body or even your co-workers! 

Risk of cuts:

The tools are not as easy as it seems to use and especially to the beginners. Get friendly with the tool before using it to eliminate any risk of cut and any other unsolicited accidents that could cause harm to your body and health. 

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